Processing Environmental Approvals

Garrod Pickfield LLP has many years of experience working with businesses and municipalities to obtain environmental approvals for a broad range of projects and activities, including:

  • Waste Management Projects
  • Energy Facilities, including Renewable Energy Projects
  • Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECAs) for discharge to Air and Noise
  • Sewage Treatment Works and Water Supply Projects
  • Industrial Stormwater Facilities
  • Conservation Authority Regulatory Approvals

Our firm has worked extensively and effectively with the approval processes under a range of environmental legislation, including:

  • Environmental Assessments under both the Canadian and Ontario Environmental Assessment Act
  • Conservation Authorities Act and its regulations
  • Ontario Water Resources Act
  • Environmental Compliance Approvals under the Environmental Protection Act
  • Planning Act

Avoiding Missteps, Getting Results

Our firm's approach is results-oriented: avoiding false starts and redundant effort, seeking the straightest, surest line to the necessary approval and focusing on targets and deadlines. Our approach draws on years of experience and maintains an up-to-date knowledge and practical understanding of regulatory requirements in this swiftly changing field of environmental law, policy and practice. Our lawyers achieve results by:

  • Focusing on common-sense, timely, cost-effective approaches and solutions
  • Understanding and addressing stakeholder challenges
  • Building a non-confrontational cooperative positive relationship with key regulatory agencies to avoid unnecessary and expensive litigation with public bodies
  • Relying, when needed, on our firm's extensive experience, expertise and solid track record in litigating appeals before the Environmental Review Tribunal, Ontario Municipal Board and Joint Board

Achieving results typically requires multi-disciplinary teams. Where needed, our firm is able to put clients in contact with a network of experienced, practically minded and trusted consultants and experts who we have worked with over the years to obtain environmental approvals for our clients.

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