Dealing Constructively with Environmental Charges and Orders

Environmental land contamination issues are commonplace throughout urban areas across Ontario. Dealing with these issues can be complicated by a web of regulatory requirements, involvement of the Ministry of the Environment and other government regulators, the threat of expensive and invasive regulatory orders, and conflicting pressures from neighbouring property owners.

Garrod Pickfield LLP has been advising landowners, industries, municipalities, developers and other stakeholders on these types of issues for over 25 years. Our firm handles issues related to

  • Soil and/or water contamination
  • Brownfield redevelopment
  • Source water protection arising from the Clean Water Act
  • Defence of environmental charges
  • Clean-up and pollution control orders
  • Appeals to the Environmental Review Tribunal and Courts

Experience. Knowledge. Client Focus

Our lawyers maintain the most up-to-date knowledge and practical understanding in this swiftly changing field of environmental law, policy and practice. Our firm has achieved cost-effective solutions by:

  • Focusing on common-sense, cost-effective approaches and solutions
  • Building a non-confrontational cooperative positive relationship with key regulatory agencies to avoid unnecessary and expensive litigation with public bodies
  • Relying, where necessary and appropriate, on our experience as litigators before the Environmental Review Tribunal and Courts to achieve the right result for our client

Contaminated land and water issues require a solid team effort to achieve efficient and cost-effective solutions. Our firm is able to put clients in contact with a network of experienced, practically minded and trusted consultants and experts who we have worked with over the years to achieve positive results for our clients.

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